Verifying Turbo encoder output (was: Re: (no subject))


since you are working with gr-trellis it is a good idea to run the
given in the “examples” directory.

You can always manually test the examples if you are willing to do the
calculations yourself.

All you need is the specification of the trellis that makes the 2
constituent encoders and the interleaver.
However this is a very tedious task (unless the code is very short (say

Is there a reason why you need to do this manually?


I am doing one project in Turbo code. I am trying to get the output in
bits and verify with theoritical value.I would like to know the which
intearving operation is performing in pccc encoder and decoder (like
interleaving, Matrix etc). what it mean by interleaver(block,666) ?

ThankYou for your response.

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