Verify Order

I may be missing something obvious, but how do I verify sort order?

I have

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :tasks, :order => “position”

I create a project, and 2 tasks: one with position = 1 and the other
with position = 2. I want to verify that Project.tasks orders the
tasks so that the task with position = 1 comes before the task with
position = 2.

Little push would be great, thanks


Assuming Project.tasks has :order => ‘position ASC’ then:

describe Project do
before do
@project = Project.create
@first_task = @project.tasks.create(:position => 1)
@last_task = @project.tasks.create(:position => 2)

it “returns its tasks in order” do
@project.tasks.should == [@first_task, @last_task]

Will check that they are ordered.


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