Hi list

this is a bug fix of verify-0.1a introducing mockify.
It adheres to the basic principles to be very, very simple.
Hopefully it is useful to somebody, well it is to me :).

  • Backtrace information for unexpected exceptions fixed.
  • Mockify tool added.
  • Using verify and mockify for testing verify and mockify.

By requiring mockify the with_output method becomes available inside
Verify blocks.

The result of with_output calls is $stdout.readlines, but a stringio
object can
be specified in addition to capture the output.


Verify “Mockify” do
x = with_output do
puts 42
verify do x == [“42”] end

require ‘stringio’
out = StringIO::new
x = with_output out do
puts 42
verify do x == [“42”] end
verify do out.string == “42\n” end
x = with_output out do
print "hello "
puts “World”
verify do x == [“42”, “hello World”] end
verify do out.string == “42\nhello World\n” end

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