VCLog v1.9.2 released

VCLog 1.9.2 has been released.

VCLog is a cross-VCS/SCM ChangeLog generator.

Adds vclog-news command to output the lastest release entry in a
project History file. Also attempts to fix issue #14 in which template
is not being found --will at least report more useful error message if
it happens in the future. Also, improved handling of configuration. You
can now use .vclog, config/vclog or .config/vclog by defatult, or
add vclog: path/to/config/file entry to .map file is you wish to use
unconventional location.


  • Add news command to get latest release history.
  • Improve configuration file handling.
  • Improve Report code to avoid missing templates.
  • Switch to Lime for spec testing, instead of Cucumber.