VCLog v1.9.0 released

VCLog 1.9.0 has been released.

VCLog is a cross-VCS/SCM ChangeLog generator.

This is a BIG release and much has changed, so be sure to read the
following carefully if you’ve used VClog before.

First of all, the command line interface no longer uses the subcommand
pattern. Instead independent commands have been created for each use,
e.g. vclog-version instead of vclog version. In addition the plain
vclog command now handles both changelog and release history reports.
To get a release history insead of a changelog, use the -r option.

Next up, this release also adds in full commit message support via the
-d/--detail option, where as previously some formats were limited to
one-line message summaries. Also, the -p/--point option has been
added which will split a commit message into separate points (points are
recognized by astrisks flush to the left margin).

Custom hueristics configuration blocks no longer receive the commit
message, but the commit object instead, which can be manipulated
directly, rather then return a limited set of possible changes. This
allows for rules to be much more flexible.

Since the last release wasn’t widely publisized, I also want to mention
again that configuration is now handled by the confection gem, meaning
custom heuristics must be place in a projects .confile or Confile.
See the latest README for more details.


  • Separate commands and new cli interface.
  • Support for full commit messages.
  • Point option splits commit messages into point messages.
  • Heuristic rules receive commit object instead of message.