Variable Sink in GRC?

Is there still a Variable Sink in GRC?

I’ve seen references to it on several threads and in the online GRC
documentation, but can’t find it in GRC.

I’m using a fairly recent gnuradio GIT.


See the “function probe” block:

Periodically probe a function and set its value to this variable.

Set the values for block ID, function name, and function args
appropriately: Block ID should be the ID of another block in this flow
graph. Function name should be the name of a class method on that block.
Function args are the parameters passed into that function. For a
function with no arguments, leave function args blank. When passing a
string for the function arguments, quote the string literal: ‘“arg”’.

The values will used literally, and generated into the following form:

To poll a stream for a level, use this with the probe signal block.