Validations and :message

hey all,

nice that we can override the error message when a certain type of
validation fails by using :message. i’ve used this to help the user so
they can better understand why the app is rejecting their input (or
lack of input)… problem: the damn message comes up, but it prepends
the message with the fieldname .humanize’d !! I do not want that.
anybody know how to make it do what i want (just the message)??

thanks in advance and happy railsing (railling?) to all!

stuart (the other one)

I think, you can do this, but not with using validation helpers. I use
the following code (in model/ *.rb file), for example:

def validate
errors.add({}, “The price should be positive.”) unless
self.price.nil? || self.price > 0.0


write your own version of error_messages_for() . Just have a look at
the source of this Helper Method in the API,
it’s very simple …
instead of


just use

Object.errors.each {|attr, msg| …}

to loop though the errors and use only your defined messages without
the prepended Attribute name.

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