Validation messages without field names?

Hi everybody,

I am getting involved deeper and deeper with Rails development and
basically I love it. However, as Rails was born in the English
language world, I find it rather demanding to develop with other end
user languages in mind. One of the issues I’m having is with
validation error messages.

I know how to create custom error messages for validation errors in
the models. However, these messages get appended behind the validated
field name which isn’t necessarily human readable or in the
application end user language.

How do I get rid of model field names in the validation error

Just to be very clear this is an example:

Say there is a field ‘name’ in the table ‘users’ and I validate ‘name’
in ‘User’ I get validation error messages like these:

‘Name can’t be empty.’

I can only replace the ‘can’t be empty.’ part. How Do I get rid if
‘Name’ in the error message?


Tobias W.

There is built in support for this in soon to be released 2.2 (Rails
edge). You can read about it here