Validation inside controller

Hello all,
I’m trying to directy call validation methods in the controller (for
instance account.validates_format_of ‘e-mail’, :with =>
‘/^([^@\s]+)@((?:[-a-z0-9]+.)+[a-z]{2,})$/i’, :within => 5…199) but it
does not work. It always gives the error "undefined method
`validates_format_of’ ".

I need to do this because I allow the user to add new columns to a model
and I only know it’s type (string, int or date) at runtime.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards,

Place validates_format_of inside your account model and have your
controller pass your validation string to it.

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because I allow the user to add new columns to a model
in 99.9% of cases you should not modify domain model at runtime.
.1% reserved for barely realistic approach, I never heard about.
would you explain a bit what is the problem you trying to solve that

Hello Amos,

I did that and it works fine.

Best regards,

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