Validation & errors

OK - now that I have written validations for my activeldap models and
check them before attempting to save so I can provide normal language
error messages to users by using @MODEL.validate? and setting
flash[:error] with @MODEL.validate before rendering edit/new screen

I find that what I lost was the nice .field_with_errors ‘class’
apparently automatically generated with errors (seems to be
a new Rails 3.1 thing but perhaps it was there in Rails 2.x and I never
actually noticed)

Is there some way I can essentially duplicate and get the errors from a
save without actually calling

Bonus question along the same lines… If I have a input field that is
say a collection and is not the actual stored field but rather one whose
data is processed into the ActiveModel saved record before saving, can I
assign the error to that field somehow?

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