Validating relationship exists

Good evening,

Trying to find a good way to validate that a relationship exists. For
instance, let’s say I have a Movie and every move HAS TO HAVE a director
(so, movie belongs_to director); I’ve enforced the constraint in my
schema but I’d like to take the abstraction up to the application.

I’ve seen the validates_associated bits but I’m not sure if that’s
adequate. Perhaps validates_presence_of?

Any help would be most welcome!

On Jan 29, 11:49 am, Cory W. [email protected]

Any help would be most welcome!

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Validates_associated will check the referenced object exists (ie a
director with that id is in the Directors table).
Validated_presence_of will make sure a value has been specified when
you are creating a movie (you can’t pass a null/nil value when
creating a new movie).
Between the two you should have what you need, but to be sure you
could implement a before_create filter in the Movie model if you need
to do fancy stuff.

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