Validates_presence_of :if

I have a table service_desk_resolution_codes as below
id | name
1 | << Select Any >>
2 | Resolution 1
3 | Resolution 2

And I am using this to submit resolution code in select box in a
view.What i need is if the user select << Select Any >> a validation
check is done says that this is not acceptable select any resolution
code…(Currently i have implemented it with a javascript).But how can i
do it in the model ServiceDeskResolution…Is the following way correct
validates_presence_of :service_desk_resolution_code_id, :if

Surely this is error…But how can I do it in correct way

service_desk_resolution_code_id is a field of the table
Thanks in advance

Rather than putting your prompt text in the table, get rid of it, and
when you need to provide a drop-down for resolution code use the :prompt
argument to have rails insert the prompt for you. I believe that will
allow you to just put a “validates_presence_of :resolution_code” in the
appropriate model & rails will “know” not to accept the prompt value.

So your call to collection_select might look like:

<%= f.collection_select(:resolution_code,
{:prompt => ‘Please select a resolution’}
) %>



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