Validates_associated trouble


I need to modelate a genealogical tree with:
animal,Dam(Mother) and Sire(Father)

the Dam and Sire are Animals then i modelate this:

class Animal < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :sire
belongs_to :dam
validates_associated :sire, :dam

class Sire < Animal
has_many :animals

class Dam < Animal
has_many :animals

then when i save a new animal the validate doesnt work like this:

i have the table Animals

ID, Name Father MOther
1 A - -
2 B - -

when I insert a new record like this

insert(3,C,1,2) its ok!
insert(3,C,5,7) its ok too, (the validates is doesnt work)

how can i solve this??

On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 04:25:11 +0100, Alfredo G. [email protected]

[snip] ActiveRecord::Base [snip]

Try the Rails mailing list
[] for this.

Also, I’m so ripping off the word “modelate”.

David V.

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