Valdiates_date_time gem install problem


i just installed the plugin validates_date_time:

C:\Programme\InstantRails\InstantRails\rails_apps\LPP>ruby script/plugin

  • ./validates_date_time/CHANGELOG
  • ./validates_date_time/MIT-LICENSE
  • ./validates_date_time/README
  • ./validates_date_time/Rakefile
  • ./validates_date_time/init.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/lib/multiparameter_attributes.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/lib/parser.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/lib/validates_date_time.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/test/abstract_unit.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/test/database.yml
  • ./validates_date_time/test/date_test.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/test/date_time_test.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/test/fixtures/people.yml
  • ./validates_date_time/test/fixtures/person.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/test/schema.rb
  • ./validates_date_time/test/time_test.rb

Seems like a success,but when i list
gem list
the plugin is not listed, that goes along with the problem that when i
try to use validates_date :date_of_birth (a valdiation method which now
should be useable) in my model, i get the error “undefined method”

but why is this so?


Well, this is even more disturbing.
After gems clean and an update of rails version 1.2.3 it works fine now.
Thanks anyway.

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