Hi all, another maintainance release of the uWSGI server is available.

All the async-users are encouraged to upgrade as the performance of the
new async stack are stellar.

  • [20110130]
  • a huge amount of async optimizations and fixes
  • –logdate takes an optional strftime-like value
  • follow $PATH on reloading
  • uwsgi.core is exported in WSGI env
  • uwsgi.log() respect for --logdate
  • initial banner respect for --logdate
  • fixed --post-buffering
  • default listen backlog queue is now 100
  • Python 3 support is no more marked as experimental
  • Python 3.2 support
  • new option --chroot-reload will force a reload of the uWSGI stack
    a chroot
  • fixed a typo in INI parsing

You can download it (or pip install it) from


Special thanks for this release go to

Łukasz Wrblewski (logging stuff)
Test157 (async stuff)
Guido Notari (virtual hosting fixes since

Roberto De Ioris