I am pleased to announce the first maintainance release of uWSGI 0.9.6

It includes a bunch of new usability features and fixes a couple of
regressions in SCRIPT_NAME handling.

  • [20100912]
  • print the request uri during SIGPIPE or HARAKIRI
  • added SIGUSR2 support (it will print the current running request, if
  • protocol parsing optimization
  • fixed --logto support (Cherokee-spawned instances can now redirect
    uWSGI logs everywhere)
  • new --eval option allows inline definition of WSGI script
  • support for defining WSGI script in xml using CDATA
  • allow --pp as --pythonpath shortcut
  • various spooler optimizations and fixes
  • added -O2 optimization by default
  • added uwsgi.is_a_reload commodity function
  • .ini file support fix
  • SNMP agent fix
  • support for subprocesses generated by master
  • fix a regression in SCRIPT_NAME handling (’’ and ‘/’ are now mapped to
    the same app)
  • Haiku official support
  • gcc 2.95 support
  • dynamic app management optimizations
  • export x-wsgiorg.uwsgi.version in WSGI env

Special thanks for this release go to:

Riccardo Magliocchetti
Leonid Borisenko
Jean-Baptiste Q.
Damjan Georgievski

Roberto De Ioris
JID: [email protected]

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