Usual way for person data?

Hi there,

What is the usual way to let a user modify his own data and the admin to
edit and view the data of all users.

I could do:

  1. create a Person model with a route
    resources :people

that works fine, if I check the permissions for :admin and non admin

but for a user I have the /person/334/edit route. But for the user
which is not an admin, I’d like not to have this id in the route.

so I

  1. routed like this:

namespace :admin do
resources :people
namespace :user do
resoures :people

but then I have two controllers, can I put this together as one?

and another problem: there is no redirect_to @person , which is also
bad, maybe I could get it work in the model, checking if an admin or a
user should be redirected to @person.

What is the usual way to fix the user edits his own, and the admin edits
all data?


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