prerequisites of hardware



I'm a newbie and I'm trying to test my new hardware (USRP2).
Can I listen a FM station with DBSRX or RFX900 or RFX2400??

My hardware:
    - USRP2:
        SW - txrx-edk10.1-r10524.bin
        FPGA - u2_rev3_ise10.1sp3_r10524.bin

My system:
    - Ubuntu 8.10
    - Gnuradio svn info:
        - Revision: 10526
        - Last Changed Author: matt
        - Last Changed Rev: 10524
        - Last Changed Date: 2009-02-26 01:44:02 -0300 (Thu, 26 Feb

Thank you,

Roberto de Matos


On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 07:01:50PM -0300, Roberto de Matos wrote:

My system:
Roberto de Matos
Thanks for posting all the h/w and s/w details!

Broadcast FM is almost always between 87 - 108 MHz. None of the
daughterboards you list cover that band. Try a TVRX.