USRP2 unable to receive signal at RX-B

Hi all,

I started testing my USRP2 at a lower frequency. I have a function
generator generate a 10MHz sine wave on RX-A and RX-B.

However, I am unable to see the signal when I run To
confirm, I disconnected the signal from RX-A and still nothing. I can
trace the signal as far as the signal transformer as the ADC is under
Basic-RX board.

Is the USRP2 only able to receive on RX-A or is the board defective?

Thanks in advance.

Cheaw Wen Guey
Research Officer

I believe that the gnuradio usrp2 driver defaults to using only RXA for
the BasicRX board. This can be changed by modifying this value in
firmware for lib/db_basic.c to be “true” for the following line:
.base.is_quadrature = false,

As an alternative, I recommend trying the UHD: The
basic board defaults to using both RXA and RXB, and the selection is
software configurable.


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