Usrp2(s) won't flash LEDs


I too am having the same issue with a USRP2 I received this week. I
went back through the junk drawer, found a 1G SD card, removed the
filesystem and partition on it, flashed it with the latest s/w and
fpga bitstream, verified the flash, plugged it in and powered up. It
works properly.

The SD card that was shipped to me was also labeled 20091209.


Yes, you and Tom both have this issue. Please see my previous email or
this web page for details:

Sorry for the trouble.

I bought both a PNY 2GB SD card ($9.88) and a Sandisk 2GB SD card
($11.88) at Walmart today and was able to flash both of them and can
now boot the USRP2s. My bad luck for buying a high-speed Lexar at
Rite-Aid yesterday! :slight_smile: