Usrp2_rx_cfile change of daughter board

Hello all,
I was using module to sense 2.4G channel by using
RX2400 board(2.2G to 2.9G). Now I want to sense TV frequencies so I have
changed the daughter board to wbx daughter board ( 50 MHz to 2.2G). But
now I cannot sense the signal by using coaxial cable connected to my
usrp2 box and on the other end connect to antenna on the roof top. I
have tested that there is a TV signal by plugging the cable into my
signal analyser but my program cannot sense that signal.

Umer Rabbani | Researcher

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On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 5:21 AM, [email protected] wrote:

Umer Rabbani | Researcher

It looks like you are using the older libusrp2 code (usrp2_rx_cfile
of uhd_rx_cfile). If that’s the case, there are different images you
on the SD Card in the USRP2 to work with the WBX board.

If possible, I suggest updating to the latest GNU Radio code ( and switch over the UHD. It will
for all daughterboards.