USRP2 RFX900 input LNA damaged?

We have a USRP2 with an RFX900 daughtercard. I seem to be unable to
capture signals of any kind. After doing some research I read that
the highest recommended input power is 0dBm, which I’m quite certain I
have exceeded on more that one occasion during my attempts to get it
working. Using a high-frequency PCB probe attached to a spectrum
analyzer, I used a signal generator (920MHz signal @ -15 dBm) and
measured the input and output of the amplifier U4, MGA82563. I am
seeing approximately -45 dBm at the input to the amplifier and -65 dBm
at the output. I’m assuming this means the chip is fried.

My question is, how likely is it that this is the only part that was
damaged? I’m hoping that this could be as simple as replacing the