'usrp2::tx_raw: FIXME: short packet' from digital/benchmark_tx.py


I’ve two USRP2s each with a XCVR2450 and have been attempting to run
the digital mod/demod example code, namely benchmark_tx.py and
benchmark_rx.py under examples/digital/. I should point out that
otherwise the USRP2s seem to be functioning more or less fine: I can
run usrp2_fft.py and usrp2_siggen.py with no problem. When running
benchmark_tx.py (typically with something like: ./benchmark_tx.py
-f2.4G -r100k --modulation dbpsk) I repeatedly receive the error
.usrp2::tx_raw: FIXME: short packet: 1 items (32 bytes) and I can’t
demod the signal. This is not an issue if I use an original USRP.
From reading around I gather that this may be related to
http://gnuradio.org/trac/ticket/378. The ticket description mentions
that a workaround has been included to make the problem less frequent.
Is it expected that I receive this error running the script
mentioned? Is there anything I can do to reduce or stop the error from
occurring? I’d really like to get the USRP2s running these demos

I may as well mention a couple of other problems I’ve had with the
USRP2s as well: Occasionally I get a tuning error that isn’t fixed
with a hard reset, and occasionally I get a symmetric spectrum when
running usrp2_fft.py with a signal I know is not symmetric. Does
anyone else get these errors?

I’m using the binaries from the unstable Ubuntu repository which claim
to be version 3.3svn in Synaptic (have had the same problem with 3.2
stable ones)

Many thanks,