USRP2 Firmware Changes nt working properely?

Hi i am trying to synchronize two USRP2’s to the reference clock 10MHz.
as per the discussions i found in the internet i have added


just before the while(1) loopÂ
in txrx.c and then i have compiled the code to create txrx.bin

But when i burn this txrx.bin with the downloaded u2_rev3.bin from the
trunk(gnuradio website). The USRP2 is booting up all fine(6 LED’s flash
once and 2 LED’s remain). but when connected to PC , it shows USRP2 not

to cross verify i also downloaded txrx.bin from the trunk in gnuradio
website and burnt the SD card with u2_rev3.bin. USRP2 again boots up
properely , and the USRP2 is detectable in the PC (./find_usrps)

But when i compile the firmware code and burn, the USRP2 boots properly
, but does not connect to the PC…I don’t know why ??? Can somebody
help me out here ? am i missing anything ?

I compiling the firmware directory in the gnuradio3.2.2/usrp2/firmwareÂ

the compiled txrx.bin is 28KB and the downloaded txrx.bin is 25.6KB



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