with -d4


I have a new USRP2 (no firmware upgrades), trying to run

with a decimation of 4. I can run higher decimation values (-d 8, -d

  1. but -d 4 brings up the fft gui and shows no signal. Sometimes I get

an ‘S’ but not always. I know using a BW of 25MHz is a lot of data, but
was hoping to at least get the fft working.

My computer is a Dell Optiplex 960 3.0GHz with 4G RAM. I am running

Fedora Core 11. The on board GigE is Intel 82567LM-3.

I tried ethtool -A eth0 rx on (to double check my flow control) with no

I have seen the chart:

and my next step is to get one of these cards and try it instead of my

on-board NIC. But does anyone have other ideas?

If you have successfully run with -d4 can you please list
your PC configurations/requirements?

Thanks, all.