USRP1 XCV2450 LO - can it be bypassed with the motherboard's LO


we have a USRP1 with 2 XCVR2450 daughtercards. Each XCVR2450 has its
own LO however , we would like to bypass it with the motherboard’s
X-TAL source.
Both XCVR2450 daughtercards will then be driven synchronously by the

Is this possible ? If so, is there a schematic of the XCVR2450 and
motherboard which will show the required jumpers and/or SMTs ?

If not, which USRP (2 ? ) and daughtercards do we need ?

Thank you,
Nick and Han
UIC wireless lab

Each XCVR2450 is already locked to the motherboard crystal. But “bypass
with the motherboard’s
X-TAL source” does not make sense. The LO is generated by locking to
motherboard crystal source. No bypassing is necessary.


Google is your friend:

Thanks for the clarification. We have both XCVR2450 TX boards (in
the same TX USRP1 ) locked to 2.4GHz ( verified with a specturm
analyzer ) . Now, the receiver XCVR2450 RX board (in the RX USRP1 )
should be able to lock to 2.4GHz as well , right ?

We’re using default BPSK mod/demod for this 2 TX x 1 RX experiment.
Both TX boards send BPSK symbols in the same time slot, and are
tuned for 2.4GHz Is there a lock-detect pin on the RX side we can
probe to verify that the RX board has locked to 2.4GHz ?