USRP1 used as a PID Feedback controller

I sent a message along these lines to the list about a year ago, but
just wanted to give a brief update.

By modifying the FPGA code for the USRP, and writing a nice
python-based user interface to write values to the USRP registers, I
have managed to put together a nice and user friendly system for using
the USRP as a PID (Proportional, Integrator, Derivative) Feedback
controller. You can buy or build analog PID controllers, but a digital
one has the advantage that it is relatively easy to program in all
sorts of smart features that would be hard to implement in analog

I’ve recently posted the latest incarnation to github, . If anybody has
interest in using this, or questions about it, please feel free to
contact me.

Aviv Keshet

To clarify, the Python user interface was written by a collaborator,
Ralf Gommers. I didn’t intend to steal credit for that.

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