USRP1 Dual Sink

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to use both USRP1 sides to transmit two different signals at
the same time. (TX A TX B)

With the latest versions of GNU Radio running on Ubuntu 12.10 i’m able
to receive and transmit (receive on side A and tx on side B) at the
same time but i’m not able to transmit two signals, one on side A and
the other in B.

I found on the web a “USRP Dual Sink” block which runs on GNU Radio
3.2.2 that comes with ubuntu 10.04. Using that block there aren’t any
problems and i can finally transmit this two signals at the same time.

Why i can’t find this block anymore on the latest versions on gnuradio?
Is there a block or a configuration that can run as “USRP Dual Sink”?

It seems like gnuradio dropped support for dual tx boards like USRP1,
but it still sold on ettus website…

Thanks in advance for the replies.