USRP1 data transmitting problem using UHD's examples

Hi everyone,

I am still a student and recently I am working with usrp. I have an
USRP1 with Basic TX and I am using uhd driver version 003_004_001. There
are some simple examples embedded with uhd driver.

I tried on tx_waveforms with following command:

tx_waveforms --rate 3200000 --freq 222064000 --spb 10000

I connected usrp1 to Spectrum Analyzer, but I couldn’t see any signals
on Spectrum Analyzer, even the garbage signal.

I tried tx_samples_from_file with following command:

tx_samples_from_file --freq 222064000 --rate 3200000 --file

mod3.2-128.dat is the file I got from CRC-DabMux and CRC-DabMod . This
file works absolutely fine with gnuradio-3.3.0, and I got DAB signal
from this file. But with the same problem, I couldn’t see any signals on
Spectrum Analyzer if using examples of uhd.

Do I have to set any extra parameters for USRP1 to make it work or these
examples do not support for USRP1, just support for USRP2, because I
have one USRP N210, and these examples work finely with N210?

Thank you very much.