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I am working with a USRP2 board and the old GNU Radio driver (not the
UHD driver) under Ubuntu 10.04. I added a module to the FGPA in the
file named u2_core.v and I defined some setting registers in order to
control it. On the other hand, in the host side, I used the poke32
method to set the values of each register.

My doubt is whether is possible or not, to read from the host the
value of a FPGA register, such as the output of my module. I thouht
that the method named peek32 could be useful but it is confusing for

If I understood right the architecture, the AeMB processor loads from
the memory (defined by the memory_map.h file) the value of every
setting register via the Slave #7 (Setting Bus) and by using the
poke32 method I tell the AeMB processor (modifying the memory) what
value it has to load. Hence, the communication flows from the AeMB
processor to the registers.

My question is: Is it possible to establish the communication the
other way around? I mean, load a setting register value into the AeMB
memory so I can read it using the peek32 method.

Related to this:

  • Is there an existing example of the peek32 method usage? Not
    necessarily of a setting register. From the mailing list I read:
    “Readback registers are only implemented for states that we need to
    readback from the device.” Could someone give me an example of this?

  • The firmware file named memory_map.h refers to a logic place in the
    AeMB, right? What FPGA file defines this place?

A lot of thanks for any help.




On Jan 19, 2012, at 7:37 AM, Eduardo Lloret F. wrote:

that the method named peek32 could be useful but it is confusing for
As a back ground there are 2 types of registers in the FPGA memory map,
“Wishbone” and “Setting”. Wishbone is the native bus protocol of the
AeMB and ZPU
processors used in Ettus designs and it’s a relatively simple pipelined
SoC bus.
The USRP2 has only one master on the Wishbone bus, the AeMB/ZPU ad a
bunch of
slave devices. The slaves are hooked upto the master via the module
and this module defines the memory map of the Wishbone bus. The Settings
bus is
a very simple write only bus, that allows (as you have done) very quick
edits to the code
to add registers. The Settings bus is implemented as a device on the
Wishbone bus
(A bus bridge in ASIC/FPGA design terms), and so a piece of Wishbone
memory map
addresses the setting registers. However as stated it’s a write only
bus, and so to allow
read back from various sources there is another device on the Wishbone
bus called
“wb_readback_mux” that allows 32bit data sources to be quickly hooked
up. It has a
different address range than the settings bus as you can see from the
instantiation. Thus you either need to:

  1. Hook up the data you want to read to the wb_readback_mux and use
    different addresses
    to poke32/peek32 to write/read your registers or
  2. Create Wishbone protocol registers and add them to the memory map
    (more work, only worth
    it if you are adding a major new module)

Pay careful attention to which portion of the settings bus you add
registers to depending on
there clock domain, there is another bus bridge on the settings bus and
on one side should be
registers on the wb_clk and on the other side registers driven by

memory so I can read it using the peek32 method.
A lot of thanks for any help.



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