USRP Source not present in GRC

Hi all,

I have installed GNURadio and UHD together using the build-script on a
Ubuntu 12.04 machine. After I run the GRC, it does not show me any
menu where I can find USRP_source or USRP_sink. My guess is that gr-uhd
not enabled in my install. Is there a way to enable gr-uhd ?
I tried the ./configure --enable-gr-uhd given on some webpage but there
no configure script in my gnuradio folder.
Rest of GRC is working fine.
Thanks for your help.

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On 01/02/2014 06:22 AM, Hemant Saggar wrote:

Thanks for your help.

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You probably are looking for the “classic” USRP blocks. That API has
been obsolete for years now.

You want the “UHD” blocks.

Also, Gnu Radio hasn’t used autotools in over two years, and now used