Usrp.source_c parameters

im still new to python , i just found that the class usrp.source_c needs
parameters as stated

usrp1_source_c ( int which_board,
unsigned int decim_rate,
int nchan,
int mux,
int mode,
int fusb_block_size,
int fusb_nblocks,
const std::string fpga_filename,
const std::string firmware_filename

I also found in some source code using it
usrp.source_c (0, decim, 1, mux)

Is there a default value for the other parameters??and for other
as the pga or the A/D,D/A?

secondly i know that all the analog processing is in the daughterboard ,
do we manage to adjust the RF frequency we’re using ?, is the oscillator
the USRP just after the D/A?

Lastly i need to open files i use with the .dat format, i tried text
but its not working! do u have any clue how can i open it??

thanks alot for your time

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