USRP/SDR with Gnuradio

Hello, everybody!

I’m developing a project related to Cognitive Radio (an energy detector,
more specifically) and I have to buy a USRP or SDR board to continue
developing it.

For now, I just need a simple and basic board that has a transmitter
port and a receiver one and that is possible to use with Gnuradio. Only
I don’t have experience on buying this stuff so I hope you can help me.
The board can’t be expensive, because my lab has limited resources.
The processor it’s not important for me (unless there is some
restriction to use with Gnuradio).

If you can help me sending some websites, models or tips of good boards
(but not so expensive) it would be great.

Thank you a lot.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 3:09 PM, Antonny C. [email protected]

The board can’t be expensive, because my lab has limited resources.
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( and use
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Off the top of my head here’s a list of “affordable” vendors with GNU
support (in alphabetical order) that transmit:

If you can drop the transmit requirement then also check out RTL-SDR
dongles (nooelec and others). You’re going to have to do your own
to figure out what to buy.


PS - there’s way more companies than this in this particular market, but
they are usually more specialized and more expensive.

Hello, Nathan!

Thank you for helping me. I took a look, but it’s still expensive.

If I find only the board to buy (like BladeRF), it will be fine for me.
It’s been a little difficult…

Please, if you know more reliable companies tell me. Thanks a lot.


Hi Antony,

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Hello Antonny:

Your requirements are not very specific, but I think that the B200
meet your requirements for doing energy detection for Cognitive Radio.
works well with GNU Radio, has transmit and receive ports, and is
full-duplex. Please let me know if you have any further questions.