Usrp Runtime Error

Hi, I am using the usrp_wfm_rcv_nogui program to listen to FM radio. I
also added code to the program so that I can perform a scan, for
stations in
my area. My code works by first creating a usrp_source() for the FM
When I want to scan for stations I press a button on my keyboard and
then it
stops the fm code from running by using tb.stop(). I then remove the
flowgraph from tb so that the usrp source is not in use. The code then
creates a new usrp_source() and scans frequency band. I then stop the
code with scan.stop(). The code then does the same procedure as the FM
did to stop the source. When I return back to start the FM code again I
a RunTimeError: can’t open usrp. I don’t understand why I am getting
error if I have used the source once, stop that source, removed the
and then created a new one. Help is greatly appreciated.

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