USRP overflow problems


I’m not sure if my problems are necessarily caused by USRP overflows,
but I have definitely noticed a correlation. It seems as though after
a certain number of overflows occurs in my system, the USRP gets stuck
in the transmit state (i.e. although the receiver thinks it is hearing
something, the daughter board is actually in transmit mode). I came to
this conclusion after observing that, although my system no longer
sees incoming waveforms (i.e. there is only noise on the received
signal), it is still able to transmit waveforms successfully. I am
using the auto_tr feature of the USRP to enable this transmit/receive

Has anybody else noticed such behavior or something similar while
using the automatic transmit/receive switching mode of the USRP?

Some specifics:
PC: dual core Intel processor (plenty of RAM)
OS: linux (latest version of fedora)
GR version: 3.1.0
RF: Flex2400 Rev 30
USRP: version 4.1
PHY: custom design based on 802.11n
Interp/Decim rates: 128/64

Please let me know if you feel more specifics will help you answer my
question. Thanks.


Ketan M.