Usrp_oscope with 2 channels

Theres some questions that have been puzzling me,

when i used the usrp_oscope , there are 2 signals one for channel 1, and
for channel 2; do they resemble the Tx/Rx and Rx ? if so why when i
place an
antenna on one of them there’s no difference in the signlas?Is there a
way i
can isolate the Rx for instance?

Whats the purpose of the filter following the AD8347-MIX Quad Demod and
AD8347 following it?

Ive got the RFX2400 daughter boards and ive noticed that they only work
the range of 2.4 GHz b not at 2.5 ,2.6 or 2.7 GHz or anything in
between , is this because the ISM bandpass filter? how can I bypass it?

When running a code that receives a file that i transmitted, strangely i
still am receiving data even if im not transmitting anything(ive tried
different frequencies)? Is it possible to send a file as a txt file or
image directly? not in its .dat form?

thanks in advance

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