USRP N210 communication with custom Daughterboard( RFFront End)

Hi all,

We are currently facing problem in USRP N210 communication with our
custom daughter board. The USRP N210 device is not able to send any base
band signal data to the daughter board through SPI interface. Currently,
we are using 0xFFFF as the daughter board Id programmed through
“usrp_burn_db_eeprom” utility.

We would like to know if we need to do any changes in the USRP Hardware
Driver( UHD) for base band data transmission. If yes, please provide the
files that needs to be modified in the latest UHD driver code and also
it would be very helpful if there exists any tutorial for adding a
custom daughter board support in UHD.

Thanks in advance.

Arun Pradeep G