Usrp n210 cantenna radar


I recently saw a picture of a nice little cantenna radar designed and
built by Gregory Charvat from MIT (cantenna = waveguide antenna built
from a tin can). His web page is here:

This seemed like a cool little project, so I hacked something similar
myself. The only difference is that I used a N210 and an SBX
daughterboard for signal generation and reception. Here is a video:

I’m working now to get some transmission coding to be able to get
range gates too.

Does anybody know of any cheap 2.4 GHz amplifiers that would increase
power from 0.1 W to 1 or maybe 10 W?


Try A new packaged 1W amplifier for $130 seems
reasonable to me. Anything over 1W is “…available only for export,
military, licensed amateur radio and OEM component sales and are not
for general sale within the USA”.

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