USRP N210 and UHD using auxiliary ADCs in a streaming manner

Hello everybody,

I currently stumbled across a problem, which I hope somebody here might
be able to help me with.

I’m working on a project, where I use the two channels of the N210 (with
LFRX daugtherboard) for digitizing rf signals, now I need to capture an
additional third signal which has a lower resolution. So I was thinking
of utilizing the auxiliary adcs, which are accessible
through a set of pins on the daugtherboard.

In my C++ code I use the UHD API to access the two main adcs, using the
rx_streamer, which works perfectly. For the auxilliary ADCs I was hoping
for a similar way to access them, but the only way I was able to find
was using read_aux_adc() at the dboard_iface. This only offers a way
to access the data by polling which does not work for me since I do need
to have a continuous stream with equally distant samples.

So here finally comes my question, is there something that I am
missing, like another API, firmware …? Does anyone have experiences
with anything like this?

I would really appreciate your help.


Hi everybody,

I am still working on this and have not found a satisfactory solution
Can anyone give some advice?