USRP Lan not detected

Dear all,

I am using USRP N210 with a Lenovo Thinkpad labtop. When I connect
ethernet wire nothing happens (the leds on both the lab and the USRP do
not flash). And also the network gives me the message “Wired Network
Disconnected - you are now offline”.

Can anyone help me.

Medhat Hamdy

There is a process in which one should configure both the USRP N210 and
PC in order to detect the new hardware (in this case, the USRP N210) -
Plug and Play unfortunately.

First you should run the (not sure where, but google it)
the firmware is run, you should set ur IP to a static one:

The USRP N210 should be you should ping to test:
/ping (in terminal)

I hope this helps.

Medhat Hamdy wrote

Medhat Hamdy

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