USRP/GNURadio Turn around Time

Sorry, if I emailed this twice. I was confused if I had to subscribe to
list first, before I could post questions. It was not clear from the
Dear USRP/GNURadioers,
I am trying to calculate the response time using USRP1 and
gnuradio-stable-version-3.2.2 on Ubuntu-9.10. I basically want to
how long does it take for my GNURadio/USRP setting to sense a packet in
channel (sent by another gnuradio-pair), and then turn around to
transmit. I
would like to calculate the turn-around-time after sensing the packet. I
have made some progress. My progress was hindered by not knowing how to
gdb with gnuradio. However, now I am at stage where I know where the
rx_callback is being triggered. In blk2impl/, “if self.callback:
callback(ok, payload)”. Can somebody please help me see where/when the
callback is set to rx_callback (basically non-“None” value once it sees
correlation of the access code)?

Am I heading in the right direction? Please feel free to correct me if
direction is completely bull-headed and there is an easier way to do

Thank you fellows,
Fellow GNURadioer

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