USRP external clocking outdated documents


USRP external clocking documents are outdated so I could not find answer
my questions.
I modified the USRP board for external clock input, but which parameters
should I change in the code for a different clock frequency (10MHz).
I guess in python I can set it by writing


but I guess more files should be edited(I am using basic rx).
I am having some hard times with this so if you could help I will really
appreciate it
Thank you in advance.

That is pretty much everything you need to do. I’m using a 60
MHz clock and calling set_fpga_master_clock() modifies the main master
clock variable, which is used in the tuning of the DDC and also most
(if not all) of the daughterboard drivers query this as well. I’ve
tested this using BasicRX, LFRX and WBX.