: USRP Error when running GNU Radio on Mac OSX leopard

After installing GNU Radio 3.1.3 on leopard, here is the running error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./usrp_fft.py”, line 24, in
from gnuradio import usrp
File “/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/gnuradio/usrp/init.py”,
line 25,
from usrp_swig import *
File “/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/gnuradio/usrp/usrp_swig.py”,
line 6,
import _usrp_swig
Symbol not found: __ZN10usrp_basic15selected_subdevERK16usrp_subdev_spec
Referenced from: /usr/local/lib/libgnuradio-usrp.0.dylib
Expected in: /usr/local/lib/libusrp.0.dylib

Previous discussion included a similar question, and mentioned that it
related to libusb. The version of libusb installed is 0.1.12 and
is deactivated. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,

Hi Ying -

I know from testing that 3.2.2 and the latest trunk work under 10.5
and libusb 0.1.12. We’re working to get these working on 10.6 64-bit
and libusb 1.0 series, but also keeping backwards compatibility with
10.5 and 10.6 32-bit as well as libusb 0.1.12.

Is there a reason you need 3.1.3? Could 3.2.2 work for you? I would
guess updating will fix your issue. If you really need 3.1.3, then
you’ll have to do some work to fix the method
“usrp_basic::selected_subdev(usrp_subdev_spec const&)” since
apparently it doesn’t exist in that version (at least for Darwin, but
I suspect it just doesn’t exist in that version).

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