USRP Daughtercards LFTX and LFRX

Hello all,
I am about to attempt to dabble in the GNURadio/USRP World, and am
interested in the HF ham bands. More specifically for PSK operations. To
further that effort, I am curious if, as with the BasicRX and BasicTX
daughtercards, I would still have to construct some sort of external
filtering, RF frontend, and pre-amplification circuits with the LFTX and
LFRX boards. Or, can they be used directly, with all selectivity,
and frequency selection done with GNURadio S/W?
Thanks folks. Lots of interesting things going on here.

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samzuni wrote:

You can use them directly, but you will not have the dynamic range or
noise figure you would want for a high performance radio. An ideal
radio would add gain, AGC, and filtering.