USRP CVS access


Everyone who’s been using it knows that the usrp CVS repository on has been down a lot. I have moved everything over to a
subversion repository hosted somewhere else.

To do a checkout:

svn co

The current line of development is in the trunk directory. Old releases
are in tags. No revision history has been lost. For those who just
want the latest, you should just checkout using the following:

svn co trunk

And use:

svn up

to get the latest.

In addition to subversion, we now also have trac, which will give us a
roadmap, timeline, source browser, bug tracking, and wiki. For now,
just the “Browse Source” and “Timeline” have anything interesting.

Subversion is included in almost every linux distribution, and Mac and
Windows versions are available. Nobody should have any trouble using
it, but if you do, let me know.