USRP block diagram confuse and mux setting in gnuradio question

I’m new for gnuradio and usrp but I tried to use two of them for the
digital beacon receiver. So i tried to understand most of the block
diagram in usrp
and now i have detail of the usrp from many site.
One is the USRP user’s and Developer 's Guide(Matt E.) and The USRP
under 1.5X Magnifying Lens!
And i saw the difference in the DDC block
diagram between two of this sheet that is from first sheet they said
after nco the signal will be pass trough the Decimating Lowpass filter
(Bandwidth decimation factor = N) but from the second sheet they said
after the nco the signal will be pass through the 4 stage CIC Decimator
and 31 Tap HBF divide by 2.

so that make newbies like me confuse what difference between
CIC+HBF(confused) and Decimating LPF(this one i understand)
because my professor understand that the integrator in CIC filter they
done the signal’s integrate too but from what i read in the website CIC
are the same like decimating LPF

and from the 1.5X mag… i saw the question that asked about mux and i
interested It said that
If i want to generate the signal 1.5Mhz from signal generator connect to
the BasicRx DB directly How todo ?

the answer was said that Just connect to the input connector and use
0xf0f0f0f0 setting for the MUX that mean feed zero into each DDC Q
inputs and ADC0 into the DDCI

from this answer what i confuse is
from 0xf0f0f0f0 i understand it’s arrange f0 f0 f0 f0 = Q3 I3 Q2 I2 Q1
I1 Q0 I0 that I correct and how did they know that they are connect
ADC0(because they have 4 ADC(0,1,2,3)) to the DDCI

and i if i set mux = 0x00002201 what does it mean for more detail please
if i have BasicRx(sideB) board and WBX DB(sideA)

Does it mean ADC0 s connect to the Q3 I3 Q2 I2 and Q0 and ADC2 connect
to Q1 I1 and ADC1 connect to I0
I’m i correct? and what purpose for setting like this?

Thank you so much for every advice
need this information for clear to do my project(Now i’m only thai
undergraduate student that work in GNURADIO so nobody can help me!!! )


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