USRP and wsa5000

Can we use usrp to recive IQ analog samples and clock from WSA5000

and will be that usefull?

USRP N200 with LFRX that can receive two independent channels from DC to
30 MHz. I have to do some lab test in freq band above 9 GHz. I have 5
N200. It will be great if I can stream analog IQ and clock from wsa5000

Any ideas is that possible?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Sergey

How you said wsa500 is not cheap, but I’m still interested in trying
this. Will write for results :slight_smile: juts have to cry some more for funding

Hello, Nick

Have you tried yet to connect USRP and wsa5000 on your own?
I am very interested in such a task. I consider using wsa5000 with GNU
radio software stack. But, you know, I don’t see any success stories on
the Internet and wsa5000 is very expensive.

Nick, good luck in your venture!

We (SDR enthusiasts and professionals from the Internet) will observe
and watch for. And perhaps someday someone will join you and come along.

I just found this

I think dudes from nutaq use wsa5000. Good choise to use GnuRadio.:slight_smile:
This make me think that it will work with usrp2 and LFRX. Of course with
some bandwidth limitations of 25Msps but don’t want to think about the
price of picodigitizer :slight_smile:

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