USRP and radios for sale

I’ve got a USRP board and several radio boards which I wish to sell.

USRP, compatible USB cable and original power supply: $585
LFRX DC-50 Mhz receiver (two available): $60 each
LFTX (two available): $60 each
FLEX 1800 transciever: $229
SMA 1.8 Ghz a"rubber duck" antennas (three available): $10 each

Other wifi equipment, embedded system boards, antennas cables and
accessories also for sale.

All of this is in working condition. the FLEX 1800 hardly used as all.
Price does not include shipping. Can be paid for in cash, money order,
or paypal. Paypal fees at buyer’s expense. Local pickup in Boston area
can be arranged.

Why am I selling it? I’d rather not. I am just short of money. If
there’s anyone who would hire me to work on USRP and wifi mesh & sensor
projects, please email me.