Usrp and gnuradio ham usage

Hello List,

I’m interested in using gnuradio and the USRP as a ham transceiver.

Does anyone use this setup daily? What kind of PA do you use for the
transmitter side?
I couldn’t find a powerful PA (>= 50-100W ) with a PIN for that 100mW
power of the daughterboards.

I have read in the list archives that you also will need additional
on the receiver side for shortwave. Even with LFRX and WBX.
What hardware do you use there (model, manufacturer)? Does it perform

As i already said, I’m new to ham radio but as I know behind gnuradio
are enough hams I thought you could help me to get on air.Well, in
have to do my license homework first… :slight_smile:

There are several other SDRs available, since I bought the USRP.
for ham usage, in a fair mean, do you think it would be
better to use them first, as these are “plug-and-play” concepts
sensitive hf frontend + pa)? Which of them do use gnuradio
on software side?

I have to buy WBX and LFTX/RX then, and well, it’s some amount of money
you don’t know if it will fit your needs. Or if it would
be better to use other commercial SDRs for that purpose.

I’m very interested in using gnuradio and the usrp, because it is so
what you can do with this package. But at least for the moment,
I’m a bit out of knowledge on the hardware side.

Are there any special gnuradio / USRP ham groups / forums out there?

Greetings an thank you,