USRP 1 - RA Help!


Marcus, Josh and Mike helped me a few days ago. However, I’m still
battling over installing simple_ra. I want to use USRP 1 for RA.

I have installed ubuntu 12.04 fresh on a laptop and also on a desk PC I
get the same result on both.

I am guessing that the the problem maybe that all necessary files are
not in the same directory (I’m probably wrong). I set up src as a
directory in my HOME and then installed UHD/gnuradio script and
downloaded simple_ra. When I ‘make’ after downloading simple_ra I get a
message ‘nothing to make’ when I type ‘install’ I get a message ‘no

These are the lists of my files:


[email protected]:~$ cd src
[email protected]:~/src$ dir
build-gnuradio gnuradio gr-baz grextras gr-osmosdr rtl-sdr
simple_ra uhd

UNDER src/simple_ra
[email protected]:~/src$ cd simple_ra
[email protected]:~/src/simple_ra$ dir

UNDER src/simple_ra/trunk
[email protected]:~/src/simple_ra$ cd trunk
[email protected]:~/src/simple_ra/trunk$ dir
COPYING simple_ra simple_ra_recorder.c
Makefile simple_ra_fcd simple_ra_recorder.o
process_simple_specdat simple_ra_receiver_fcd.grc
process_simple_tpdat stime.c
README simple_ra_receiver.grc stime.o
receiver.grc simple_ra_recorder

Some one please help, it’s driving me mad!